When Should You Work with a Family Attorney?

The types of matters that may require the services of a family attorney can vary from straightforward to very sticky. Whatever your situation, your primary goals should include getting a fair resolution to the matters at hand and protecting vulnerable family members such as seniors and children. A family attorney can help you to meet these goals.

Consider These Family Situations

Many individuals and families are unsure what a family attorney does or how important they are. Here are 6 situations where you may need the help of a family attorney:

  1. Prenuptial Agreements. A family attorney can assist in safeguarding individual assets brought into the marriage using a prenuptial agreement. Even though you may be able to form a prenup on your own, it is always recommended to have a seasoned family attorney assist you with the agreement’s drafting and review.
  2. Divorce. One of the most common issues family attorneys assist clients with is divorce. Family attorneys advise their clients on the important financial and emotional concerns related to divorce.
    Going through a divorce that includes enduring potentially painful litigation procedures can be hard to contemplate. A family attorney can help to divorce couples explore alternative methods that may help to make a difficult time less traumatic.
  3. Alimony. It may be challenging to determine the specifics of alimony payments since alimony (spousal support) laws vary from state to state. Choose a skilled family attorney in your state who can guide you through working out a plan that satisfies state requirements and that you find fair.
  4. Child Custody. Family attorneys know the laws for child custody in each state and can fight for their clients in challenging custody battles. An attorney’s assistance is particularly important if complicated issues, such as abuse, are at play.
  5. Child Support. If you are dealing with child support concerns, a knowledgeable family attorney can help make sure all decisions are fair and per your state’s laws.
  6. Domestic Partnerships. Domestic partnerships refer to relationships between couples who live together but are not married. Individuals in such a union may desire to have their rights protected much as a married couple would. Again, state laws vary in this regard, so it would be a good idea to talk to a family attorney with expertise in your state’s legal requirements.

Find Out if a Family Attorney Can Help You

Aside from the situations listed above, there are many other occasions when you might need the expertise of a family attorney to help settle a dispute, draft documents, or stand up for you in court.

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