What Should You Know About Father’s Rights in California?

The court system in California favors joint custody. However, in many divorce cases, there is a dispute between the father and mother over who should be given custody of their children. The father has a right to be heard in a custody case, and he must know what to do to ensure his wishes are considered just as much as the mothers are.

The first thing a father should do is hire an attorney experienced with family law and divorce cases. The attorney can help him navigate the complex legal system and ensure that his rights are protected throughout the process. An attorney will also be able to explain what happens when a divorce becomes final and give him guidance on what steps he needs to take to secure custody of his children.

In this post, we will consider what California law looks at regarding fathers and how an experienced family law attorney can help.

A Father’s Positive Influence

Research has indicated that a father or father figure has a significant positive impact on a child’s emotional development. A father’s participation in a child’s upbringing seriously influences how that child develops linguistic abilities, social skills, and cognitive development.  

Father’s Rights: Custody and Visitation

In California, the mother and father have equal rights to seek custody and visitation. These rights continue regardless of the parent’s marital status.

Judges in California look for the child’s best interests in making custody decisions and will look equally at the father and mother in determining who should be granted custody. The court considers facts such as each parent’s capacity to care for and support the child and the child’s connection with each parent.

Can a Father Receive Child Support?

When a father is granted primary custody of his child, he has the same right to seek child support that a mother has and the same right to pursue legal action if support is not given.

How a Father’s Rights Attorney Can Assist

In certain situations, fathers may fear that their rights are being jeopardized. A skilled family attorney will help ensure their rights are being honored in court and that they receive the time with their child that they are entitled to and the financial support they require for the child’s upbringing.

The Berman Law Group’s experienced family law team will fight for a father’s right to receive fair consideration by the court. We have extensive knowledge in all custody and family law areas in California and are committed to getting the best results for our clients. Call us at (310) 788-3837 if you have any concerns regarding your father’s rights.

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