What Rights Do Grandparents Have in California?

Grandparents are often very much engaged in their grandchildren’s lives and may even take on the role of parents in certain situations. However, if a change occurs in the parents’ relationship with each other or the grandparents, the grandparents’ access to the children may be jeopardized.

This post covers grandparents’ custody and visitation rights in California and how a family law attorney may help.

Grandparents’ Visitation Rights in California

Visitation rights are the right of a grandparent to spend time with their grandchild. Grandparents may seek visitation rights when they have been denied contact with their grandchildren by one or both parents. The court may order visitation where it is in the child’s best interest.

Grandparents can also ask the court to modify an existing order that grants them visitation rights. They can ask for more frequent or extended visitation hours if needed.

Grandparents’ Custody Rights in California

Custody refers to legal responsibility for making decisions about a child’s residence, health care, education, and other matters affecting their welfare. A family court may grant custody to grandparents instead of parents if it is determined that doing so would be in the children’s best interests.

A grandparent may ask for custody if:

  • The parent(s) have abandoned the child
  • The parent(s) have neglected or abused the child
  • Other circumstances have occurred, such as the parent(s) are incarcerated, institutionalized, or their whereabouts are unknown

How a Grandparents’ Rights Attorney Can Help You Get Visitation or Custody of Your Grandchildren

If you have been denied access to your grandchildren, a family law attorney may be able to help you obtain visitation rights or custody of your grandchildren. The attorney will evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case, including any prior court orders. If there is no court order, the attorney will work with you to determine the type of order most appropriate for your situation.

The attorney will help you prepare the evidence that demonstrates why it would be in the best interests of your grandchildren for them to spend time with you. If there are child custody orders in place, the attorney will also help show how these orders should be modified to include provisions for grandparent visitation rights or custody rights.

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