What Information Will a Divorce Attorney Need at the Initial Consultation?

Although getting a divorce is usually never anyone’s goal for the future, it might sometimes be the wisest course of action in certain circumstances. Having a competent divorce attorney on your side will make the process go as smoothly as possible.

How successfully you manage your divorce may depend significantly on your ability to provide legal documentation and proof to back up your requests for spousal support, child support, asset distribution, and other matters. In this post, we will consider what information your divorce attorney needs to be aware of and the documentation you need to bring to your initial consultation.

Bring These Items to Your Consultation

Bring as much supporting paperwork as you can to your consultation. This will help your divorce attorney accurately assess your case right from the start. Helpful documentation may include:

  • Legal Records. Any legal documents related to your marriage and forms of identification for yourself and your minor children should be made available. You might include:
    • Social Security cards
    • Birth certificates
    • Prenuptial agreement
    • Any relevant court records
  • Financial Records: The most thorough assessment of your financial status can be found in your tax returns. You may also want to bring several months’ worth of your paystubs to the consultation. This will make it easier for your attorney to understand your financial situation and provide a rough calculation of how much alimony may be awarded.

Disclose All Pertinent Information

Some information that will be brought out during the divorce proceedings may be less than flattering. But keep in mind that withholding facts from your attorney will likely be detrimental to your case.

Although it may be unpleasant to do so, be sure to disclose these matters to your attorney:

  • Finances. Discuss any financial concerns or mistakes you may have made during the marriage with your divorce attorney. It’s best to address these matters with your attorney at your initial meeting so there won’t be any surprises down the road.
  • Marital or Legal Misconduct. Regardless of how detrimental or embarrassing it may be, your attorney needs to be aware of any infidelity, drug use, illegal/dishonest activity, or other inappropriate behaviors that might be brought up throughout the divorce process. It would be preferable for your attorney to be aware of these matters up front since your former spouse’s attorney may plan to use this information to their advantage. 
  • Damaging Internet Posts. Your attorney needs to be made aware of any online evidence that may be used against you during the proceedings. Social media comments, posts, images, or videos may be brought into question.

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