Visitation Rights in California: What Can a Visitation Rights Lawyer in the Los Angeles Area Do for You?

Following a divorce, many children divide their time between both parents. If there is disagreement about visitation or custody, and the dispute reaches the trial stage, the decision will be decided by a California family court.

Divorce is a painful process, particularly when children are involved. The courts will prioritize the child’s best interests and you must go in prepared to defend your visitation rights. Having an experienced visitation rights lawyer can benefit you, helping you to consider the facts about visitation rights in California.

Types of Visitation Orders in California

When a child stays with one parent the majority of the time, the other parent is said to have visitation. A court may sometimes grant both parents legal custody of the child, but physical custody may be granted to only one parent. This implies that although both parents have the authority to make decisions about their child’s welfare and education, the child spends most of their time with just one parent.

Regarding the parent the child does not live with, the court may issue one of three kinds of visitation orders:

  • Visitation. Visitation is granted to the parent who has custody of the children for less than half the time. Specified visitation arrangements benefit both parents and children by minimizing misunderstandings and conflict.
  • Supervised visitation. When a child visits a parent who has visitation, the court may mandate under certain circumstances that they be accompanied by a supervising adult or organization for the child’s wellbeing. It might also be because the parent and child need time to get to know one other and feel safe around each other.
  • No visitation. If contact with a parent may harm the child in some way, such as in situations of spousal abuse or child abuse, the court will order no visitation.

What a Visitation Rights Lawyer in the Los Angeles Area Can Do for You

Visitation rights are often awarded to both parents after divorce or separation. However, if one parent does not have custody of the child, it may be difficult for them to obtain visitation rights. A visitation lawyer in Los Angeles can help you obtain visitation rights if your ex-spouse or partner has denied them.

Contact a Visitation Rights Lawyer in the Los Angeles Area

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