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Representation in Cases Involving Legal Separation

A legal separation is sometimes sought in cases where a couple does not wish to or is not yet ready to file for a divorce.

Divorce may be against one’s religion, the couple may not wish to ever remarry, may wish to remain legally married to ensure medical or other benefits, or there may be other financial reasons the keep the marriage legally intact though the parties may no longer live together. In a legal separation, all of the issues which are involved in a divorce must be resolved as well, either through negotiated terms between the two parties or through the courts. This includes dividing up all of the marital property, deciding on child custody and visitation arrangements, spousal support, and other pertinent matters attendant upon separation.

If you wish to establish a legal separation from your spouse in and around Los Angeles, we recommend that you consult with a Los Angeles divorce attorney at our firm. The The Berman Law Group focuses on divorce and family law matters for clients throughout the area. Our firm provides competent and skilled legal support and representation, with a highly-qualified understanding of all of the ramifications involved in disentangling individuals from one another in such a matter.

California Legal Separations

The grounds for a legal separation are similar to those for divorce. Once a judgment for a legal separation has been declared through the courts, each party’s earnings and asset accumulations become their separate property, based on the California Family Code. One of the differences between a legal separation and a divorce is that a legal separation must be agreed upon by both parties. If they do not agree, a divorce becomes automatic. Also, no waiting period is required. A legal separation may be obtained immediately. Unlike a divorce, however, spouses are not free to marry anyone else while subject to a legal separation.

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