Karen L. Clark

Karen is a native of Southern California. She attended the University of California Los Angeles before embarking on a career as a family law legal secretary and office manager in 1989. After several years of working for various law firms, Karen attended law school at the University of West Los Angeles.

After law school, Karen became a published author of How to Set Up and Run a Law Office Efficiently (published by Aspatore Books, a Thomson Reuters business, on August 1, 2014). In addition, she is an author of several Blog posts, published by Thomson Reuters – Legal Executive Institute.

Due to her extensive experience in family law matters, Karen is involved in all aspects of family law cases from start to finish. Karen has a unique ability to quickly grasp and understand complex and diverse family law issues. Her deep understanding of family law derives from more than 30 years of experience. Karen is a passionate advocate for our clients and she seeks out every opportunity to help them achieve their goals, whether by trial or settlement. Our clients love working with Karen because of her extensive knowledge and skills, and her ability to support them throughout their complex and emotional cases. Karen in an invaluable asset to The Berman Law Group and we are grateful to have her on our team.


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