How Can You Be Granted a Child Support Modification in California?

Child support modification occurs when one or both parents go through a life change that warrants them changing their child support order after their divorce.

Family law judges take the well-being of children into account when deciding whether or not to approve modifications to an existing child support order. An experienced family law attorney specializing in child support modifications can assist you in navigating the legal process and achieving the best results for your unique situation.

What is the Child Support Modification Process in California?

Many factors can be considered when determining if an order should be modified, including changes in income, the cost of living, and the needs of the children.

The process for modifying a child support order in California begins with filing a request with the court. The court will then obtain information from both parents about their income and other factors that may affect their ability to provide for their children. If there appears to be a change in circumstances that would warrant modification, then the court will issue an order directing one or both parents to appear at a hearing.

What Circumstances May Warrant Child Support Modification in California?

The family court sees the following life changes as possible grounds for child support modification:

  • Income changes. An increase or decrease in salary or extra income obtained from another source may warrant a modification to a child support order.
  • Change in employment. A parent’s capacity to pay child support may be adversely impacted due to job loss, reduced hours, demotion, or other employment changes. The court will consider these matters when there is a request for
  • Adjustments in the child’s needs. Child support obligations may change if the child participates in extracurricular activities, has new medical expenses, acquires school tuition costs, or experiences any other significant changes in circumstances.

Other situations that may warrant child support modification include:

  • Changes in the cost of living or expenses
  •  The incarceration of a parent
  •  The paying parent getting deployed in the military
  •  A change in visitation arrangements.

How Can a Family Attorney Help with Child Support Modification in California?

An experienced family law attorney can help with the filing process for child support modifications in California, which includes gathering and providing relevant evidence to the court to prove that a change in circumstances warrants the modification. Your attorney may also walk you through the procedure and answer any questions.

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