How Can a California Legal Separation Attorney Help You?

Married couples may have to make the tough decision that they can’t live together any longer. In some circumstances, a California couple may opt for legal separation rather than divorce.

Couples who want legal separation are still regarded by the law as being married and are not free to marry someone else. However, legal separation provides some exemption from certain marital duties, such as cohabitation or asset sharing.

In this post, we will consider why couples may choose legal separation, whether a separating couple needs a written separation agreement, and what role a legal separation attorney may play in protecting your rights.

Why Some Choose Legal Separation

Here are some reasons why some couples prefer legal separation over divorce:

  • Unsure about divorcing. A legal separation may be a reasonable option for those unsure about ending their marriage permanently.
  • Religion. Some religious groups forbid divorce in any situation, so some individuals who are members of such religions may decide against getting a divorce and opt for a legal separation instead.
  • Finances. It might be difficult to divide assets properly when a couple divorces. A legal separation might make asset division simpler.
  • Health Insurance. Obtaining a legal separation allows both spouses to continue on the same health coverage if one spouse has health insurance via their employment and the other does not.

A Legal Separation Agreement

A legal separation agreement should outline the terms of the separation, making it legally enforceable and confirmed in writing. Custody, child support, and property division are a few issues that a couple may address in a properly written separation agreement.

Does a Legal Separation Attorney Need to Be Hired to Draft the Separation Agreement?

Although not legally required, there are several reasons why hiring a legal separation attorney is probably advantageous. Separation agreements are legal agreements that need to be adjusted to each party’s unique situation. In these situations, it is always advisable to obtain legal counsel.

An attorney specializing in legal separations can explain California’s separation laws to you and fight to protect your rights at every stage. They can also thoroughly explain the legal considerations regarding divorce and separation in California.

It is particularly advisable to seek legal counsel when the couple is at odds over certain issues or when one party finds it challenging to communicate with their spouse on their own.

Contact a Legal Separation Attorney in the Los Angeles, California Area

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