How a Los Angeles Area Spousal Support Attorney Can Help You

Spousal support is a form of financial assistance that one spouse pays the other to provide for the needs of one spouse during or after a divorce. The needs are determined by the court and may include basic necessities, such as food, clothing, and shelter; medical expenses; childcare expenses; educational expenses for children; and other expenses necessary for the health and welfare of either spouse.

In California, there are 2 types of spousal support: temporary spousal support and long-term spousal support.

Who is Eligible for Spousal Support in California?

Spousal support is not automatic after a divorce unless a written agreement or court order states otherwise. A judge will determine if spousal support should be paid and for how long based on the information you provide, such as how long you have been married and how much money each spouse makes. Many things are taken into consideration:

  • When a marriage ends, spousal support is designed to help the spouse who has a lower income maintain a comparable lifestyle financially.
  • The spouse who earns more income is often required to provide spousal support to the other spouse.
  • The paying spouse is required to follow court orders after being directed to pay spousal support. The spouse may be held in contempt and have a warrant issued for their arrest if the court finds that they are capable of providing support but fail to do so.

Either spouse may petition the court to modify the spousal support order if their financial status changes or the receiving spouse no longer needs the support. A support order, however, does not end until it expressly says so or the court issues an order changing the terms.

A spousal support attorney can help by advocating for your interests, whether you are asking for spousal support or you’re asked to pay it.

How Can a Los Angeles Area Spousal Support Attorney Help You?

A spousal support attorney is a lawyer that specializes in family law. They are able to assist clients with any legal issues related to family, including divorce, child custody, spousal support, and child support. The role of a spousal support attorney is to help clients navigate through their different legal options and help them make informed decisions for their family’s future.

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At The Berman Law Group, we care for all areas of family law. We can provide clients with services and representation to establish, modify or enforce spousal support agreements. We will work to identify your specific present and long-term needs, determine what legal avenues are available, and execute a tailored plan to achieve your goals. Call us at (310) 788-3837 if you have any spousal support concerns.

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