Child Support Dispute: How a Los Angeles Family Attorney Can Help

When parents need to address the matter of child support as part of a divorce, they may experience an added measure of stress in the event of a dispute. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for couples to disagree over which parent will pay child support, how much will be paid, and how to modify current child support arrangements.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it is vital to contact a reputable Los Angeles area family law attorney for assistance in settling your dispute.

Why is Child Support Important?

Child support is a term used to refer to the financial contribution one parent makes to help cover the expenses of raising their child. It is a legal requirement in many states, including California, that both parents contribute financially to their children’s upbringing.

Child support is important for children because it can provide them with physical necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. It can also provide financial support for their education and extracurricular activities.

If a parent who is required by the court to pay child support does not make their required payments on time, they may face consequences. These include being found in contempt of court, facing criminal prosecution, penalties, and wage garnishment.

What are the Causes of a Child Support Dispute?

Child support disputes can happen for various reasons. In some situations, the parents are not on good terms and cannot agree on the child support order. In other cases, one parent may experience a change in income or employment status that affects their ability to pay child support.

Another common reason for a dispute is when one parent has been denied custody of the child. Contact an attorney or local family law office if you are going through a custody dispute and need help with your case.

How Can a Family Attorney Help You with a Child Support Dispute?

If you have fallen behind on payments, an attorney may assist you in creating a payment plan or a strategy for paying it all off at once. If you are on the receiving end of child support payments, your attorney can provide the representation you need to fight for the child support you are entitled to.

Getting Legal Assistance for Your Child Support Dispute

Going through a divorce is stressful enough. When you factor in a child support dispute, the situation may quickly become even more difficult.

The Berman Law Group handles all aspects of family law, including child support disputes. We will work with you based on your circumstances and provide you with skillful representation to help you get the best results. If you have any questions or concerns about a child support dispute, contact us today at (310) 788-3837.

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