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One of the most important issues which must be resolved for those going through a divorce or in a post-divorce situation is child custody.

This issue can be the source of a great deal of contention as parents struggle with what each one considers the best custody and visitation arrangements. When this issue is not agreed upon by the parents before a divorce is finalized through negotiation or mediation, it will be determined by the courts.

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Child Custody in California

California courts determine the issue of child custody based on what is in the best interests of the child. The court will consider the health, welfare, and safety of the child and generally favors frequent and continuing contact with both parents unless there is some reason against this. Child abuse, domestic violence, or some other adverse behavior or history on the part of a parent would influence this decision.

Two types of custody exist. Physical custody refers to with whom the child shall mainly live. Legal custody refers to the responsibilities and rights involved in decisions concerning the health, education, religious upbringing, and well-being of the child. Custody of a child may be either sole, in which one parent retains the physical and / or legal rights or joint, where both parents share these rights. One parent may have sole physical custody while both have legal custody or both may retain all of these rights. If a parent does not retain physical custody, he or she will generally have visitation rights with a visitation schedule.

Once the custody issue has been decided by the courts, it can only be modified later by petitioning the court due to a substantial change in circumstances.

Getting the competent legal help you need to resolve child custody issues is vital. We recommend that you discuss your situation with an attorney at our firm as soon as possible.

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