Cesar Brito

Experience: From public service to private practice, Cesar Brito has worked for a number of years directly in the OC Superior Court, assisting in the area of Family Law and Child Support Division with great passion and ethics. He has more than 22 years of family law experience, assisting clients in related matters, such as paternity, divorce, domestic violence, and child support matters.  He has built an exceptional and extensive family law experience, from assisting in complex and demanding uncontested, contested divorce actions and related litigation. He has assisted among the preeminent law firms in Los Angeles and Orange County in handling extensive family law litigation that frequently accompanies disputes.
Cesar not onlyhas exhibited great professionalism, ethic, and integrity while assisting clients throughout the year but also loves working with families going through difficult times. He says “Perhaps, I can help make someone’s life better with my work and smile, today”.

Contact Information

310-788-3837, Ext. 203

[email protected]


Cesar obtained his Paralegal Certificate from the prestigious University of California of Irvine in 2004 and is a recent graduate from PCU School of Law of Long Beach, CA.


Areas of Practice