Child Custody Dispute in California: How Can You Win?

A child custody dispute is difficult for all involved. The ultimate goal of California family courts in child custody disputes is to identify what’s in the best interest of the minor children.

Since the court will make a judgment on who will receive custody, it is crucial to know what factors a judge will be looking at to make their determination. It is also beneficial to have an experienced California family law attorney on your side to help you navigate the process.

Some Factors the Court Looks for In Child Custody Disputes

Your strong moral character and ability to provide a secure and nurturing home for your children will be factors the court will consider.

These are some details they may take into account:

  • Relationship with the other parent. Parents that demonstrate a desire to cooperate in raising their children are commended by the courts. Therefore, avoid disparaging your ex-partner or anyone in their family, even if you feel there’s reason to do so.
  • Time spent with children. Demonstrate your desire to spend time with your children. Be active and supportive when it comes to their school and extracurricular activities. Also, show availability and dependability in picking them up on time for school, practices, and other appointments.
  • Home cleanliness and safety. Make sure your home is clean and comfortable. Also, ensure your home is properly childproofed, especially regarding dangerous items such as firearms or potential poisoning risks such as cleaning products and laundry packets. Be sure alcohol or medications are also out of your children’s reach. Never have illicit substances around your children or in your house.
  • Your driving habits. Make sure your children use car seats or seat belts while riding in the vehicle and make sure you are driving carefully. Make a conscious effort to avoid getting traffic tickets.
  • Appropriate physical contact. Even the impression of improper behavior may be used against you, regardless of how good your intentions are. Avoid acting in a way that can be seen as sexually improper, such as having your kids sleep in your bed or being nude in front of them. Also, avoid physically disciplining your children with corporal punishment.

Contact The Berman Law Group for Help During a Child Custody Dispute

If you are involved in a child custody dispute, you need a qualified attorney who will provide you with sound legal counsel. Your child custody attorney will evaluate the case’s specifics before being presented to the court. Additionally, they may provide suggestions for custody arrangements and evaluate the probability of having a successful outcome.

The Berman Law Group handles all aspects of family law, including child custody matters. We will work with you to assess your circumstances and provide knowledge-based representation to help you get the best results.

If you have any questions about a child custody dispute, please contact us at (310) 788-3837.

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